I was born in Lee County and am a proud product of public schools, as are my children and now my grandchildren. I am running for the Lee County School Board to be a voice of not only the parents and students of District 5, but of all Lee County residents and taxpayers. I will always work to make sure parents have the greatest voice in the policies affecting their children’s education.



Armor Persons is a Lee County native whose family has attended Lee County public schools for six generations and is deeply invested in improving our community. He attended Edison Park Elementary, Fort Myers Junior High School, and Fort Myers High School, graduating in 1971. Armor’s children also attended Lee County public schools and he is currently a grandparent of children in our public school system. He knows that the greatest voice in education policies affecting our children is that of the parent. He is committed to empowering parents and ensuring they are a part of all decisions and policies involving their children’s education.

As a small business owner, Armor also knows the importance of protecting the taxpayers' hard-earned money. He will ensure that the nearly 2 billion dollar budget is not only fair and transparent, but that every dollar goes towards best serving our students rather than inflating the bureaucracy.
Student achievement is one of Armor’s top priorities, and he is committed to expanding opportunities that allow every student to excel. He understands that not all kids walk through the school doors with the same needs and abilities, and he will work to provide pathways for all Lee County students to reach their highest potential.
Armor has dedicated his life to coaching and inspiring our children through the sport of tennis, earning him the nickname “Coach”. We can count on Armor, our "Coach", to be a champion for students, parents, and taxpayers on the Lee County School Board.


With a budget of nearly 2 billion dollars, the Lee County School Board must have more transparency and better allocations within each of their 5 districts, based on the individual needs of the schools. District 5 has long been an overlooked stepchild in the budget process, but under Armor’s leadership, this practice will come to an end. He will work directly with each principal in District 5 to better understand and meet their needs, while also looking to parents and teachers for their input. Armor will only support a budget after he has fully vetted it to ensure it is in the best interest of the students and taxpayers, has been created in a transparent manner, and is fiscally conservative.


As a parent himself, Armor understands that the greatest voice in the education policies affecting our children is that of the parent. He is committed to empowering parents to ensure they are a part of all decisions involving their children.


Student success will always be one of Armor’s top priorities. Recognizing that not all students walk into the classroom with the same needs, abilities, and goals, Armor understands that we must provide an education system that best prepares our kids for success, regardless of the path they take after they leave our school system. While some students may pursue a college degree, others will progress better with vocational or technical training. Armor will collaborate with parents, teachers, and staff to provide the resources and personnel necessary to expand the vocational and technical education programs in Lee County.


Teachers are the foundation of a successful school system and directly impact the daily lives of our students. The hiring and retention of great teachers must be a priority. Armor will provide these professionals with the respect they deserve and will always make himself available to listen to their ideas and concerns to ensure they have every tool available to them to succeed.


Armor supports electing our superintendent of schools to ensure that the superintendent is accountable directly to the voters. This separation of powers will lead to a stronger voice for parents in deciding what is best for their children.


Armor opposes any version of critical race theory that teaches America is a fundamentally racist country. He believes America is the beacon of freedom to the rest of the world and that people should be judged by their actions and character, not their race. Armor will work with the District to ensure classroom textbooks and curriculum remain free from CRT influence.


Armor respects the rights of all individuals regardless of their race, gender, or sexual orientation. He will fight to protect students and ensure the use of restrooms and other sex-specific facilities are based on the individual’s biological sex, or that private alternatives are provided. He also believes student-athletes should only compete in sports according to their biological sex.


Student safety will always be Armor’s highest priority. Providing parents with the peace of mind knowing that their children are safely entrusted to our schools daily is of utmost importance, and that is why Armor supports implementing the guardian program along with School Resource Officers. This will empower teachers and staff, along with SROs, to do everything in their power to protect and defend themselves and their students.
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